Just let it go!

Negative thoughts and feelings are like a spark that falls on your coat sleeve. Brush it off and it will do no damage, let it linger and it will burn a hole.
Let it go... 
Practice forgiveness. You practice over and over, until it becomes second nature. Everything needs practice!
Let it go..
Have you noticed that people you love can often do no wrong in your eye? and even if they do, it's easy to forgive them. The people you hate can do no right, and no matter what they do, they're not forgiven.
Let it go..
It does not matter at the end...All hurt feelings are illusions, it's our made-up stories, it's unreal.
Let it go..


Mars Touchdown!

The first-ever landing of a probe near Mars' north pole happened smoothly today. Congratulations to NASA and to all scientists who have worked on this project for 5 long years.

The Mars Phoenix Lander, completing a 296-day, 422 million-mile journey, closed in on the Red Planet with a 50-50 chance of a successful touchdown on its arctic plains, NASA officials said.

What a great accomplishment for human race! So inspiring! These scientists truly inspired, moved and touched my heart. 

Read the Phoenix Lander's blog here to get daily information about this project.

UPDATE: Click here to see the first pictures of Mars


What it would be like to fly over Mars?

Well, you can find out here.  It's worth spending a minute to go over this fabulous video.  And if you are more interested in the cosmos in general, you can click here to view more photo and videos.

I find these information absolutely inspiring.  Here is a picture of galaxy city. Each of these fuzzy blobs is a galaxy, together making up the Perseus Cluster, one of the closest clusters of galaxies. click here for information


Inner Light of Holiness

"We feel the Presence of the Great Spirit of the Universe in silence.  The silence is not so much external silence, it is the silence of our inner being.  As long as there is turbulence and unrest within us, we can never reflect the Spirit of Holiness, nor can we penetrate to the innermost depths of our being.  Only when there is a cessation of all unrest within our heart do we feel the Divine Presence and at once arises within us a new sense of sanctity."


Photo source


So inspiring!

Double Amputee Sprinter Cleared For Olympic Competition

Oscar Pistorius, whose prostheses were previously considered an unfair advantage, has been given the thumbs up to compete.

Now if this does not inspire, move and touch you , I don't know what else will? Now lets send our prayer that he will too..wow! wouldn't that be great? 

Read more here

Holiday of Wesak

This week presents a rare opportunity to enjoy a second full moon in Scorpio, coinciding with the annual religious holiday of Wesak, named for the second lunar month of the Hindu calendar. This holiday became significant in 1950, when the first conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists declared this full moon as the celebration of the birth, death and enlightenment of Buddha (it's said that Buddha became enlightened during a Taurus sun/Scorpio full moon). 

The intensity of Scorpio moon times can amplify our passions, prickle our emotions and ripen long-forgotten feelings. An enlightened response might be greeting everything this week with an open heart and engaged awareness, just as the Buddha did. And you can transform any difficult passion into compassion for the natural dance of life.



"Love having no geography, knows no boundaries"


Ahh...Being a mother!

My dearest sons, thank you for making me a mother. It’s me who has to acknowledge you for giving this great title to me. I am the one who has learned so much from you. You have strengthened my faith, given me peace, filled my days with humor, glory, strength, and abundance joy. Thank you!

Happy Mothers day my dear friends!


Charlie bit me

I think I am the last one seeing this video (22 million hits). Please watch it, this is the cutest and the most innocent video on YouTube!! Enjoy!

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