Most Powerful Woman

This lady is the most powerful woman in the world!

At least according to Forbes Magazine. Most often, when a Poll result is published, I just don't take them seriously. Most Polls are organized by certain groups that have an agenda to push forward. To judge a "valid" poll, one must study the questions that has been asked of the participants, and no one has time for that. Well, the Forbe's list is not based on a typical poll, but it is based on a composite of visibility (measured by press citations) and economic impact. Well it is, still, based on some people's judgment and not necessary the absolute truth.

Having said that, I am glad to see Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany, name on top of the list. She has an inspiring life story and a great role model for many women around the world. She is a daughter of Christian pastor who grew up in East Germany and, in addition to being the first female German chancellor and the youngest German chancellor ever, Merkel is also the first one from East Germany (although born in Hamburg), the first one born after World War II, and the first one with a background in natural sciences.

I like the fact, that she has always played down the gender issue and brushed off media gibes about her plain appearance. Read about her, and I am sure, you will be inspired, touched and moved by her accomplishments.

There are several other names on this list that I like and I always follow their stories. But I would like you to read about Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (#100 on the list),President of Liberia, the first female president of an African nation to get the war-torn country back on track.


Never too late!

A 98-year-old great-grandmother in Australia proves you are never too old to be a champion athlete. Ruth Frith still trains and competes in track and field events like the long jump and 100-meter sprint. She's earned piles of international medals in shot put, javelin and hammer throw.

Watch the video here: click


Our Wholeness

"In every adult there lurks a child an eternal child,
something that is always becoming,
is never completed,
and calls for unceasing care,
attention, and education.
That is the part the part of the human personality that
wants to develop and become whole."

C. G. Jung

The older I get, the more I believe in these words written by Jung. We never really grow up unless we come to terms with our eternal child. Praying for "wholeness" is my ultimate request from our creator.

This also reminds me of Eric Butterworth's words that says:
"A true desire is not to Have but to Be. We are whole creatures in potential, and the true purpose of desire is to unfold that wholeness, to become what we can be. As Goethe says,'Desire is our presentiment of our inner abilities, and the forerunner of our ultimate accomplishments'


Does the Universe have a purpose?

Each month the John Templeton Foundation (I have blogged about this foundation before) hosts an online exchange on a various illuminating questions . This month question was, Does the Universe Have a Purpose?

Out of 11 leading scientists and scholars; 6 said YES, 3 said NO, 1 NOT SURE, and 1 PERHAPS.

What you say?

It's a great read. Click here


"If we did all we are capable of, we would astound ourselves". Thomas Edison

This painting is by Freydoon Rassouli which I just found out about him. He is a mystic artist that has captured the attention of the international world. He has the incredible talent of expressing the emotions and spiritual wonderment of re-discovering our own selves in his awe inspiring paintings.

Source of Painting



At a party last night, I was surprised to see some people became visibly angry when arguing an issue when others didn't agree. These are the same people who claim to believe in peace on earth! What is the point in believing in peace, and yet not be able to practice it on individual level?
I hope, some of them, will read this post!


I have blogged about how much we have become a fear based society. Any group that wants to push their agenda uses fear to make us believe. All we have to do, is to read a little history and to see if any pervious "fears" have ever materialized?

I am re-reading Emerson's essays and it's funny that I found this quote:

The superstitions of our age are,
the fear of Catholicism
the fear of Pauperism
the fear of immigration
the fear of manufacturing interests
the fear of radicalism or democracy,
and faith in the steam engine.
Nemesis takes care of all these things, balances fear with fear, eradicates nobles by upstarts, supplants one set of nobodies by new nobodies.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson, July 1847

Somethings never change!


Achieving the impossible !?

Just read this news that two German Scientists, Dr Gunter Nimtz and Dr Alfons Stahlhofenclaim, to have broken the ultimate speed record - by making photons travel faster than light. Exceeding the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second, is supposed to be impossible.

The duo say being able to travel faster than the speed of light would lead to a wide variety of bizarre consequences.For instance, an astronaut moving faster than it would theoretically arrive at a destination before leaving, they said.

Wow! To break the speed of light also means breaking the time barrier..Can you imagine that? Now isn't that an inspiring news? Would this mean the next generation will live in a real "Star Trek" time? I am interested to see how other scientists will review this news, I will keep you posted.



Wear Inspiration!

Look what I found...Now you can wear inspirational thoughts on you. What a great gift to give and receive!

This great bracelet that has Henry Thoreau's great quote on it: "go confidently in the direction of your dreams live the life you've imagined".

I loved this one too, "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

Or this cute ring which is copied from 14th century ring inscribed in French 'a vila mon gardi li mo', which means "here is my heart guard it well"

I will probably will buy (or drop a hint for my husband to buy!) this great necklace where the pendent is inscribed with the words of he 23rd Psalm ("The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…"), and "XXIII" is inscribed on the reverse.

Now, when I do this kind of a shopping, I get inspired, moved and touched!

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Relaxation is a click away

A website showing impressive & slightly animated landscape loops (e.g. a wood fire, a beach sunset, a morning lake), specifically designed for visual relaxation. Try it, it's fun!

Click here


Now here is where I want to live! Heh!


Thou shalt Not Whine!

In July 2006 Christ Church Unity, launched their Complaint-Free World campaign with a purple bracelet. The intention was to create a ripple in the sea of human consciousness that would spread far and wide to help people shift from negative to positive thinking.

This great idea of bracelet came to Will Bowen, the pastor of this church and all he wanted to do is to break the habit of "complaining", and so he asked his flock to take a pledge: to swear off complaining, criticizing, gossiping or using sarcasm for 21 days. It may be a surprisingly simple technique, but it's also a lot difficult. It took Rev. Will Bowen himself 3 and half months to master it and it took some 7 months! Once you master it, non-complainers are encouraged to turn in their bracelets for a Certificate of Happiness.

According to many articles, many other religious groups are following Rev. Bowen. Jewish temples are conducting complaint-free services too, along with other Christian denominations.

Since last year, Bowen's church has sent more than 5 million bracelets for free to people in nearly 80 countries and territories. Fortunately many media outlets have reported this phenomena. People Magazine, NBC show and The Oprah Winfery show - all featured stories about the purple bracelet technique and its phenomenal impact.

If you'd like to get Complaint-Free bracelets for yourself, or your family, They will be happy to send them to you for for free. Click here.

I ordered mine yesterday!


Get inspired!

Now if this is not an inspiring story, I don't know what is! Never too late to reach your dreams!

Great-great-granny earns masters degree at 94
A 94-year-old Australian great-great-grandmother has become the oldest person in the world to earn a masters degree. Phyliss Turner, described by one of her sons as having "an amazing brain," took her masters in medical science at the University of Adelaide in South Australia. Turner had been forced to leave school at the age of 12 to help her mother care for the family after her father abandoned them, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Nearly 60 years later she enrolled for a Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology at Adelaide and won a 12-month scholarship to study at the University of California.

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