Inspiring stories

The news media has become only the source of "bad and sad" stories! If one wants to hear or read and inspiring stories, one has to dig deep, but good storie ARE actually more than the negative stories in the world. All you have to do is to do the google search. So this is what I read today:

A former hockey player who was paralyzed in his first college game told an audience at St. Michael's College that a positive attitude can get them past even the most daunting obstacles. Travis Roy says October 20, 1995 was the best and worst day of his life. The Boston University freshman was living out his childhood dream of playing college hockey. He was paralyzed eleven seconds after taking the ice for the first time.

He said he thought his life was over, but decided he had to find some new dreams.

"The best part about having a positive attitude is that you are far more likely to identify opportunities that exist all around you. That's what life's all about. Recognizing opportunities and taking advantage of them, identifying and creating new experiences that lead to timeless memories," says Roy.

Roy created a foundation to help fellow survivors of spinal cord injuries. He says he's confident he will walk again.