Is our world an Illusion?

Can you find the hidden figures of Romeo and Juliet in this drawing of a forest sprite?

Every time, I visit this optical illusions's website , I wonder what if, the world we live in is some-kind of illusion? What if we are not seeing the real world? Illusions can provide a wonderful window into how the brain works. The question of "Reality" is one of the core issues of Philosophy and metaphysics, along with the Question of Truth and of Certainty. So how can one know what is real?

Check out this one

Do you see an old lady or a young woman? Your mind can only interpret one facial image at a time, but they are both there.

In the East, one of the metaphors of explaining reality and illusion is that of the rope and the snake. In the dark we may see a rope and mistake it for a snake. When there is enough light we realize that it was only a rope, and the snake disappears. It is only due to some kind of illusion that we see a world. Everything is in the mind.