Social graces! is it dead?

I read a funny article in the Town&country magazine (February issue) about Self-centered people.  Here is just an excerpt for you to ponder on:

"We have forgotten the art of engagement. We stare down, plug in, drop out.  We gaze into our Blackberrys rather than into each other's eyes.  We talk on our cell phones and listen to our Ipods rather than to the people with whom we're sharing space.  We've become just so many planets orbiting ourselves.

Social graces were designed to save us from such isolation.  They require that we direct our attention to the people around us. if we do not regularly practice engagement the habit dies"

I could not have said it any better. Don't you hate when you are talking to people and they consistently checking their text messages or they email? I also don't like when I get invitation to a party via email. What happened to telephone calls or hand written notes? emails are so "soul-less"!