Don't Give In To Fear!

Stop watching the news and you will feel better.  The 24/7 news cycle of doom and gloom makes people to fear of what is awaiting for them and their finances. But don't forget that every news has two side to it.  Even this global ciris has a message that we can learn. Remember you can see the stars, only, when the sky is the darkest!   As Pope Benedict XVI said Wednesday he hoped the global financial crisis might help people to rediscover the spiritual message of Christmas. He continue to say:
"Stripped of its materialistic and consumer trappings, Christmas offers a chance to welcome as a personal gift the message of hope that emanates from the mystery of Christ's birth," he added. Benedict, describing Christmas as a "universal holiday," said that "even a non-believer can perceive (in it) something special, transcendent and intimate that speaks to the heart."
So, put the fear aside and go for your dream!

Fear not, my heart,
Even the darkest night must end at dawn!
Clouds and mist may come and go,
But they cannot rob sun's radiant glow.
Look up, mine eyes, keep steady watch,
For never must ye lose your guiding star. . . .
Hold fast! Hold fast!
Rest will come when thy toil is done.

~Swami Paramananda from his Book of Daily Thoughts and Prayers