God's Purpose

I was just watching an interview with Rick Warren, the author of "Purpose Driven Life" and he also leads America's biggest church called Saddleback church. The journalist asked Mr. Warren what is his favourite Bible verse? He responsed:

"ACT 13:36 is the epitaph for King David," Warren said. "It says, ‘He served God’s purpose for his generation. And then he died.’ And that’s my life verse. He did serve God’s purpose, that which never changes but he did it in his generation. He did it in a contemporary and relevant way. He did the timeless in a timely way. He did that which never changed in a world that’s constantly changing and that’s all that any of us can do. My goal is to serve God’s purpose in my generation and then I’ll die. Then the next guy will serve God’s purpose in his generation. And I believe God has a purpose for every life. And if you’re alive, if your heart’s beating, God has a purpose for your life. God has never done anything without a purpose."

You can hear the podcast here