By Women Civilization continue!

Of woman are we born, of woman conceived.
To woman engaged, to woman married.
Woman we befriend, by woman do civilization continue.
When a woman dies, a woman is sought for.
It is through woman that order is maintained.

~Guru Nanak and painting by Frederick Arthur Bridgman

I read this beautiful wisdom when I was helping my son with his homework on Sikism! He had to write a paper on this religion. 

It's just breaks my heart when many parts of this world, still, treats women so atrociously! Just today I got this news in my email, where I could not believe that I am reading it without being able to do anything!

How do you reconcile these two worlds together? Where in one, a Guru elevates a woman's status so beautifully about  400 years ago and then in our present time, where some men/regimes/some religions tear down women to nothingness?