Thou shalt Not Whine!

In July 2006 Christ Church Unity, launched their Complaint-Free World campaign with a purple bracelet. The intention was to create a ripple in the sea of human consciousness that would spread far and wide to help people shift from negative to positive thinking.

This great idea of bracelet came to Will Bowen, the pastor of this church and all he wanted to do is to break the habit of "complaining", and so he asked his flock to take a pledge: to swear off complaining, criticizing, gossiping or using sarcasm for 21 days. It may be a surprisingly simple technique, but it's also a lot difficult. It took Rev. Will Bowen himself 3 and half months to master it and it took some 7 months! Once you master it, non-complainers are encouraged to turn in their bracelets for a Certificate of Happiness.

According to many articles, many other religious groups are following Rev. Bowen. Jewish temples are conducting complaint-free services too, along with other Christian denominations.

Since last year, Bowen's church has sent more than 5 million bracelets for free to people in nearly 80 countries and territories. Fortunately many media outlets have reported this phenomena. People Magazine, NBC show and The Oprah Winfery show - all featured stories about the purple bracelet technique and its phenomenal impact.

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