Prayer Dance

Thanks to the information posted on Sadiq's blog , I went to see Dervishes' prayer-dance last night.  It was my first time and  it was absolutely mesmerizing. Dervishes were celebrating “Wedding Night” of the great mystic poet Mevlana Jalaluddin Muhammad Rumi’s, 13th century Sufi mystic, passing from the circle of time.  I learned so much about this spiritual ritual.    Here is a great quote explaining the dance:
"We do not turn for ourselves. We turn around in the  way we do so that the light of God may descend upon the earth.  As you act as a conduit in the Turn, the light comes through the right hand, and the left hand brings it into this world."
~Suleyman Hayati Dede

If you have not seen one, here it is a short video.

Thanks Sadiq!