Christmas Around the world

Sorry, I have not posted regularly lately. Thanks for all your emails asking me if everything is ok. Thank you, it's so nice to "hear" from you.

It's Christmas season so I thought you may want to check this site:"Christmas around the world", and check out how each country celebrates this great season.

Christmas season is the festival of wonder and celebrations, regardless if you believe in Christ or not. One of my favorite poet, James Dillet Freeman, had this to say about Christmas:
Christmas is the celebration of imagination, with its power to warm our heart on snowy day and sprinkle glitter on a dark one, to give us the goodwill to wish a merry Christmas though there is not much to feel merry about, to give us the faith to believe that life is not humdrum existence, but is capable of unbelievable wonder, and in the stable that is the human heart God Himself may make His appearance. (excerpts from "once upon a Christmas")
I love Christmas, it's true it has become too commercial. But it's up to us to make it as worldly or as holy...