Cheer up! You do have the power to create!

Lately, most people I meet, are in a gloomy state of mind and who can blame them with the current global economical state.  I suggest everyone to read Charles Fillmor's book on Prosperity.  Here is an excerpt:

You can conjure up in your mind a thousand imaginary things that will seem real to you. This shows that the mind creates by forming things according to its ideas. The world is awakening in a wonderful way to the truth about the creative power of the mind.  Everywhere people are studying psychology or soul culture. The imagination builds things out of the one substance. If you will associate with in its creative work, the things you make will be just as real that God makes.  Whatever you make in mind and really put faith in will become substantial. Then you must be constantly on your guard as to what you believe, in order that you may bring what is for your good into manifestation.