It's all about Attitude

Many are suffering now becuse of the economy.  If you are one,  then read the following quote;  Remember it, memorize it, until you get it, it will make all the difference.  I am doing the exact thing:
"What's true in sports is also true in our business and personal lives. There is only a fractional difference between winners in life and those who merely exist. The difference is attitude under pressure. It's the winner's edge. The Edge is not a gifted birth. The world is full of wasted talent. The Edge is not academic degrees. Education is important, but the world is full of educated misfits. The Edge is not luck. If it were, Las Vegas would be a ghost town. The Edge is not capital. Many of today's self-made, multi-millionaires started building their fortunes with under $5,000. The Edge is all attitude. Attitude, not aptitude, is the criterion for success."