What Are You Optimistic About?

I have often posted here about  the negative oriented media and their interest in reporting more bad news than uplifting news. I do believe there are more good signs in horizon  than bad and here is a book to proof it. A newly published book called, "What are you optimistic about?"  by John Brokman, has recently asked more than 150 high-powered scientific thinkers to answer a vital question for our frequently pessimistic times: "What are you optimistic about?
mostly scientists from all disciplines.  Here are some of the answers:

Steven Pinker(Psychologist, Harvard): The decline of violence

Haim Harari (Physicist): The evolutionary ability of humankind to do the right things.

Juan Enriquiz (CEO, Bitotechonomy): A Knowledge driven economy allows individuals to lead millions out of poverty in single generation.

John Gottman (Psychologist): When men are involved in the care o their own infants the cultures do not make war.

Stephen Kosslyn (Psychologist): Human intelligence can be increased, and can be increased dramatically.

Brian Goodwin (Biologist): Our ability as a species to respond to the challenge presented by peak Oil.

Read more here if you can not buy the book.