Every now and then go away,
have a little relaxation,
for when you come back
to your work
your judgement will be surer;
since to remain constantly at work
will cause you to lose power
of judgement...

Go dome distance away
because the work appears smaller
and more of it
can be taken in at a glance,
and a lack of harmony
or proportion
is more readily seen.

Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519)

I listened to Da Vinci's advice and that's exactly what I did this last weekend. It was relaxing, but with two active boys around, it can not be that relaxing.

"When you consider the sheer amount of creative work that Leonardo Da Vinci amassed in his lifetime, you might conjure up a picture of a workaholic, Type A person who never did anything but paint, sculpt, and invent, every waking moment of his life. Yet his advice is quite to the contrary. This original Renaissance man is advising us to escape from the daily routine and go some distance away to become more efficient and productive."

Source: Wisdom of the Ages