Welcome Spring

Spring begins today at precisely 7:07 p.m.,, astronomically speaking, when the sun’s light crosses the equator and begins to shine more directly on the northern hemisphere.

Spring is an universal time of celebration, no matter where in the world it arrives – but the Persians celebrate this day as the start of their New Year (Norooz) and they honor Spring and the new beginning the most beautiful way.

For Romans, Spring used to be a big clebration. It was devoted primarily to the worship of Flora, the goddess of flowers. It was in her honour a five-day celebration, called the Floralia.

Well, happy new begning and happy Spring to all of you my dear readers and I dedicate this poem to you all:

For winter's rains and ruins are over,
And all the season of snows and sins;
The days dividing lover and lover,
The light that loses, the night that wins;
And time remembered is grief forgotten,
And frosts are slain and flowers begotten,
And in green underwood and cover
Blossom by blossom the spring begins

Algernon Charles Swinburne (1837–1909)