Honoring Virginia Tech's Victims

The falls of our life provide us with the energy to propel ourselves to a higher level.
Kabbala teachings

" ...I discovered the truth of this idea that every fall provides us the opportunity to generate the necessary energy to move to higher consciousness. Every sinking into despair has within it an energy to move us higher.

Grief, when it is only an inner experience of sadness and sorrow, will keep you down in the very depths of of the plunge itself. It will immobilize you and weigh you down with guilt and anguish. But when you know that this despair has within it some sweet blessing, you disrupt the grief/sorrow partnership, and the fall helps you regain your footing, and soar above the devastating potholes of life on earth...."

Selected from Wayne Dyer's book, wisdom of the ages, read the complete chapter here.

The irony in this tragedy is about one of its heros. His name was Professor Liviu Librescu, 76, who threw himself in front of the shooter when the man attempted to enter his classroom. The Israeli mechanics and engineering lecturer was shot to death. He saved many young lives by holding the door so his student can run. This Professor was a Holocaust survivor and he died on the day of Holocaust anniversary!

update: more heroes story

Painting by Gene Gould, "Grief" (c1965) - oil on board - 36 x 48 in