I am re-reading Sue Monk Kidd's book called Firstlight and I want to share a section with you that has helped me a lot dealing with temporary difficulties:

"...If we look closely at the workings of creation, we find that God nearly always works through process. Think of it. First there is a seed, then a sprout, then a blossom, and finally fruit. God does not begin with a butterfly, but with a larva that becomes Chrysalis and finally a creature with wings. Neither does God speak a star into existence, but sends dust floating into space, then interstellar gas that slowly heats up, and eons later a star is formed. Perhaps most mysterious of all is the unfolding process of ovum, fetus, baby, child, adolescent, adult. The universe is designed to move stage by stage, from incompletion to completion. Now why should we suppose that God has designed the heart any differently than the rest of creation?

It, too, has its stages...."

So whatever stage you are in at this moment, it will pass and you will move to another necessary stage. Even the heart will go from hating someone to loving someone, from not caring to caring. Just have a little patience.

Image is by thepres6