Happiness is a Warm Electrode

Can science bring happiness to people? They can, according a research done by a neurosurgeon, Ali R. Rezai. Patients receive deep-brain stimulation, a procedure in which two electrodes are implanted in the head. This is how a patients describes her situation the moment after receiving the electrode treatment,
"The room looks brighter to her. The faces, the big, circular lights overhead, the ceiling—they all seem clearer. Malone asks her how she feels. "I'm really happy," she replies, clearly surprised. "I feel like I could get up and do all sorts of things." But even more telling than her words is the look on her face. For the first time in 20 years, with a halo bolted to her head and two freshly drilled holes in her skull, Hire smiles."

I am all for it, if it will give them a permeant feeling of happiness.