Are you a vicitm of your own mind?

My little sister, just last week, introduced me to Vedanta philosophy/religion and handed me a book to read titled introduction to Vedanta. It was absolutely a great little book to read about a group that I had no idea it existed. So, here is a excerpts about how your mind can be your enemy or your friend?
Most of the time we remain unaware of the mind's erratic movements because we are habituated to giving our minds free reign: we've never seriously attempted to observe , let alone train the mind. Like parents whose indiscipline has created children that everyone dreads, our lack of mental discipline has created the turbulent, ill-behaved minds that have given us endless difficulty. Without psychological discipline, the mind becomes the mental equivalent of the house ape. And all of us, sadly enough, have suffered mental agony because of it.
While we may have grown accustomed to living with an uncontrolled min, we should never assume that it's an acceptable, if not inevitable, state of affairs. Vedanta says that we can master the mind and, through repeated practice, we can make the mind our servant rather than being its victim. The mind, when trained, is our truest friend, when left untrained and reckless, it is an enemy that won't leave the premises."

Then it goes on the emphasis the value of meditation and the need for cleansing your mind by repeated practice of mediation and through the practice of moral virtues.

Oh! how I wish I could follow this advise consistantly! I find all the excuses in the world not to do it!

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