How life imitates chess

I just ordered a book written by Gary Kasprov, greatest chess player of all time , called How Life Imitates Chess: Making the Right Moves, from the Board to the Boardroom.

He is an inspiring figure! I have been reading his articles with great interest lately. You may know by now that Garry Kasparov is now running for President in Russia. In 2005, he left the chess world for politics. He formed the United Civil Front to "work to preserve electoral democracy in Russia. He he one of the few heroic politicians, so if you get a chance read his book and the book has nothing to do with his politics.

Here is an excerpt from his book regarding managing stress:
Usually when you are under stress there is a good reason for it. Learning not to get anxious about things beyond your control is a separate issue. So don’t fight stress, use it! Channel that nervous energy into solving the problems. Sitting around worrying isn't going to achieve anything and the loss of time will often make the problem worse. Even in the worst case, mistakes of action teach you much more than inaction