2009, Year if Ox

We are finishing off the Rat year and entering the Ox year (the year 4706 in the Chinese calendar ). It's fun for me to read the predictions from the last year and to see if they were any close to reality?   Yes, the Chinese astrology did predict that the Rat year will usher in the "unpredictable and intangible."!!  They also referred to 2008 as "The Roller Coaster Year".  There was also a guy who actually predicted the fall of oil prices . It certainly was a roller coaster year!

So do you wonder what they are saying about the OX year?  In Buddhism, the ox symbolizes the essential goodness of human nature. The ox year will see a slow moving pace in the beginning of the year for all areas and every task given or implemented will only bear results in autumn and every sector will pick up and shall improve there after. They say that the Ox sign is the sign of prosperity found through fortitude and hard work!  

So, lets welcome 2009 with open arms and open heart, may you will have the wisdom and patience to make this year your best year ever, regardless of what the horoscope and astrology says!