Be at peace!

Rev. Thomas Witherspoon is my spiritual teacher and I owe my many break throughs in life to his teachings. In one of his books called, "the peace that passes all misunderstanding", he discusses and clarifies many issues that I see some of my dear friends have trouble with the idea of "sin" when it comes to religion. I hope the next paragraph from his book will help some to think deeply about the idea of "sin". I believe we are all born whole and perfect, and we are not born jealous, evil, corrupt, weak, etc. The idea of "sin" has been misrepresented in many religions.

This is what Rev. Tom says;

In order to come to terms with peace of mind concerning God and ourselves, the first consideration must be this: God does not punish us for our sins; we are punished by them. You are perfect, as God is perfect, at the spirit level, and our very reason for being is this incarnation is to bring the physical up to the spiritual level of being. With each thought, with each action, our every ideal should include the transformation from the human to the spiritual level.

By your thoughts and actions you create the world in which you live. If you think wisdom, there is wisdom, if you think misunderstanding, there is misunderstanding. The world, the true world, is a wold built on thought.

You are God's temple, and God's spirit dwells in you! Be at peace.