God speaks Hebrew

A dear friend of mine, Sheema Kalbasi, has published her first English language poems called echoes in exile. Sheema is not only a talented and well-known Iranian poet but also a passionate human rights activist.

Here is her poem called:
God speaks Hebrew

He sneezed within me,
God and his kissable mouth,
Smiling with a wide-open heart!

God never cheats,
Never rapes,
Never hates

Sings in Hindi,
Persian and Russian,
Latin, Swahili and Sindi!
Can be understood in Semitic languages,
Arabic and Hebrew!

God walks in kimonos,
Sophisticated and elegant
Smells like iris and talks like English
He is a little Chinese village-man,
Rejecting the ism

He reborn the angels,
As they sing the symphony of cotton fields,
A freedom's journey,
An escape from unformed yellow seeds

Crystal hands, crystal stars,
Crystal green gardens,
And my crystal laughter,

Essentializes the whole poem of life.

you can read her blog here: Zaneirani and can buy her book here. Good Luck Sheema jan!