Book to read

Just finished reading "the birth of Venus" by Sarah Dunant. It is a wonderful novel about a woman's life during Medici's reign in Florence ( around 1480's), and its about her passion for art, her relationship with God and his rebelion toward the menaing of being a Christian at that time. Alessandra Cecchi is a young woman born into the Renaissance world of Florentine, Italy. The plot is full of twists... here are some exerpts:

"Everyone had somthing to sell, and those who had nothing sold their

He shrugged." Man must rules his slaves like a tyrandt, his children like a
king, and his wife like a politician"

Love is bigening of all God's creation together, Plato and Christianity in Joyous union. So the physical act of love of man and woman was the frist rung on a ladder that might lead that might lead to a final estati union with the Godhead