False Hollywood Culture!

This is, absolutely, a great quote by Ann Marlowe in BeE magazine (another new & interesting magazine I have discovered), she goes on to say;
" The real and fictional princesses Disney markets to young girls, from Pocohontas to Cinderella to Snow White, all showed some of what used to be called virtues. But princess play nowadays is only about surfaces. It may be hard to get a little girl out of a pink tutu, but it’s much harder to teach her how an honorable person behaves. And it is here that we are much poorer than the Victorians."

My blogger friend, Tori, has also questioned the wisdom of theme parks and "false" realities. She writes;
"I find anything Disney completely disturbing. Creepy, in fact. May I go as far as to say that Disney and it's whole world remind me a cult? Not trying to make many friends with this post am I? It is the over the top hype. It is the creation of something that doesn't even exist. It is escapism at a high cost. It elevates pleasure to an untouchable ideal. It makes entertainment seem like it should be a requirement to everyday life."
Many people think America is not loved by other countries anymore, because of the political situation we are in. I disagree. People around the world love true American ideals! What they hate is the Hollywood & Disney culture that is being imposed on our next generations. Nothing about Hollywood culture inspires, moves and touches!