Do you want to test your forgiveness? Can you let go of hurt, and restore your faith in the essential goodness of life?

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This is a part of a book called, "Why good things happened to good people", written by Dr.Stephen Post & Jill Neimark. My score was 80, apparently I am a moderate "giver". What is yours?

Here is a quote from the Author:
"Love can be expressed in a great many ways. So, in the book there's a chapter on attentive listening. You know some people are really good at attentive listening and they do such beautiful job. Others express love through creativity, they are just able to create beautiful works of music – Beethoven's Ode to Joy – or literary people. Some people express love through forgiveness, or through the courage to confront self-destructive behaviors. Sometimes love is expressed through humor! For my father it was loyalty. He was the most loyal person I ever met."
– Stephen Post