Happiness Map!

I saw this map in the latest issue of The Economist magazine. A new worldwide poll suggests that growth and income play a big part in boosting people's satisfaction with life and their attitude to the future. Did they really needed a poll to figure this out? However, I would have to add that countries with freedom of choice and basic democracy will also have higher level of life satisfaction, as the map can confirm. However, I was surprised to see the Saudi Arabia among the "happiest' campers. A country where half of its population have no civil rights. Hmmm! I don't get this one. Unless, each country defines happiness differently.

The article concludes the finding this way:
Happiness and optimism are not just different, they can be contradictory. The Chinese are dissatisfied but upbeat; Europeans are happy now but dread tomorrow. Many links between happiness, income and optimism have yet to be teased out. This new data—though not the last word on the subject—should help.
The search for happiness is not new phenomena. Remember, In 1776 the American Declaration of Independence argued for “certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. I wish more countries will take on this subject more seriously.