I love to read old legends to my sons and this is the one we read yesterday:

When man had become so evil and corrupt that the angles decided to hide all goodness and truth from him. Not knowing where to hide it,they discussed many ideas. One angel suggested that it be buried in the earth, but the other angels disagree saying that with everything that was known about man, he would min the earth for all its resources and find it there. No, the earth would not be a good place.

Another angel suggested the ocean as a good hiding place for goodness and truth. But again, that idea was ruled out. "Man has such an insatiable appetite," the angels said. " After he has mined the earth, he will go on the oceans and mine them for all their resources. Surely then he would find this treasure."

Another one suggested the sky. To put all goodness and truth in outer space might work. But alas, once man had conquered the earth and seas, he would move on to the sky.

Finally, after having been silent the entire time, a very wise angel said, "We shall put goodness and truth inside of man. For all the we know of him, he will never look for it there." And, they all nodded in agreement.

Time and time again we need to be reminded that "kingdom of Heaven, is indeed, within" (luke 17:21).