Transformational Seminar

I get many emails asking me about the meaning behind my blog address which is "racket-free"? Well, I learned the term "racket-free" from the Landmark Education Forum I attended last year. It means to live life fully and live without creating excuses. Landmark education was the best transformational seminar I have ever taken and if you are interested, here is a short online introductory course for you to learn and consider.

Click here and then click on each teacher to hear him/her talk about one aspect of this transformational seminar. The subjects are:

1- Our "blind spots" in life and how to recognize them
2- The Vicious cycle that we create in life, facts vs the stories we create
3- The fixed vs. malleable world
4- What are rackets? The payoffs and the cost of our excuses that we create in life
5- The filling error: how we live our lives by constantly bringing the past into the future and sabotaging our own success.

Please let me know if you are interested and if I can be any help. Landmark Education is worldwide and you can click here to find out if there is any free introductary class where you live.

Update: Jerry sent me this link about the founder of Landmark education. Click here to found out more.