Positive News

People are tired of watching non-stop negative news on their TV sets. I don't advocates not covering the bad news, which is a part of our reality but it must be balanced by covering the "positive development" news in the world. The current news media gives you the feeling that nothing good ever happens, and a lot of people are doing awesome things that should be credited. I often said, if I had billions of dollars, I will start up a new media company focused on the good in this world, so I was happy to find that there are website out there, but you just have to look for it. Here is a partial list that I liked and if you know any other ones please let me know:

The Good New Now
Happy News
Good News Network
Positive News Media; this is actually focused on Asian news
Global Giving; Focused on best practices and innovations in individual philanthropy and social investment around the world.

I will try posting selected news from these sites on my blog on weekly basis that will inspire, move & touch us all!