Way Of Being

Here is another quote from the book I am reading, Happiness:
"We have to understand that we are enormously resistant to change. I am talking not about the alacrity with which our society embraces superficial novelty trends, but about a profound inertia with respect to any genuine transformation of our way of being. Most of the time we don't even want to hear about the possibility of change, and we prefer to sneer at those who seek alternative solutions. Nobody really wants to be angry, jealous, or swollen with pride, but every time we give in to those emotions, our excuse is that it's perfectly normal, just a part of life's ups and downs. So what's the point of changing? be yourself! Have fun, get anew car, a new lover, have it all, get high, but whatever you do don't touch the essence, because that calls for real work. An attitude like that wold be perfectly justified if we were really satisfied with our lot. But are we? "