End of Shopping Season!

I wonder if Jesus comes back on the Christmas Season, would he recognize the Christmas himself ? I think not. He will wonder why is it that people are running around buying presents? Christianity is not about worshiping Jesus or celebrating his birthday, it is about following his teachings. Afterall, Jesus hated the rituals. Indeed, the whole current of his teaching is anti-ritualistic. His teaching was about soul and mind. He had little patience at any time with the Jewish priesthood and its theory of salvation through the Temple observances.
Don't' get me wrong, I like decorating the Christmas tree and giving presents, but be mindful, it has nothing to do with what Jesus has taught. We tend to be more worried about what to buy and which party to attend during this Christmas season, rather than, are we really as peaceful inside as Jesus wanted us to be? I think Christmas is about going deep inside and figure out how to become a peaceful soul. I totally believe that the people of the world will never live in peace until the people of the world have inner peace. I wish you all a "inner peaceful" Christmas spirit.