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Honest Airport Worker Lands Handsome Reward
While working at his second job with an airline in Kansas City, Robert Lewis peeked into a bag to find "$266,000 worth of individually wrapped diamond rings and wedding bands." He turned the sack over to police, and for his honesty he received a $10,000 reward from the jewelry store that owned them.

Hanoi Restaurant Turns Poor Kids into Gourmet Chefs
Since 1999, "street kids have learned to cook delicious Vietnamese and Western dishes, tend bar, wait tables and speak some English" through the work of a non-profit restaurant in Hanoi. The beautiful Koto grounds are famous for an 11th-century pagoda and university, but for the 200 graduates of the training, some moving on to 5-star kitchens, "It is the discovery that they can achieve their potential, that they are valued and that they are loved."

ISAF saving children’s lives
SAF and Afghan National Security Force engineers hosted a land-mine awareness day to provide potential life-saving education for children on the dangers of land mines and other explosive devices. “We hope to save thousands of young lives ended needlessly by making the children aware how dangerous mines are,” said Capt. Anna Swan, ISAF engineer, who arranged the event.

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