To believe or not to believe

Lately, there have been too many books out there on Religion and God. But the two that have gotten the most attentions are "God is Not Great" by Christopher Hitchens, a journalist, and the other "The Language of God" by Francis Collins, a leading DNA scientist.

I have not read them yet but I have been a fan of both men for a different reasons. But here they are now, writing the opposite side of each-other. The economist Magazine has reviewed both books and here is an excerpt:
"Christopher Hitchens, a polemicist whose tone is that of an erudite straight-talker, does not. Like Mr Gosse, he started non-belief young. Near the beginning of “God is Not Great” he describes his rebellion when confronted with an effusive divinity teacher at school who pointed to the beauty of hedgerows in the English countryside as evidence of His creation. Mr Hitchens has been skewering the syllogistic arguments of the religious in the name of science ever since.

Mr Francis Collins is a scientist. He confronts Darwin daily in his work as head of the human genome project. He writes well about how, as the code on which DNA is written began to reveal itself, his faith and sense of wonder increased. Mr Collins has no time for intelligent design but conceives God to be of the non-interfering sort, a kind of divine CCTV camera. Yet he believes that Jesus was His son and he prays regularly."
If you are more interested, here is another review by Hitchen's brother, Peter Hitchens, reviewing his own brothers work in Daily Mail.

I am a strong believer and I would love to read both books.