Who creates our reality?

There are two camps developing throughout the world. One dwells upon how bad everything is: we are all in trouble; the economy is crashing; with Global Warming we won’t have enough food or water (or too much water) and a whole platter of other problems that continue to get worse. The second camp is growing rapidly, a movement of forward thinkers bringing awareness to the fact that our thoughts and feelings are creating our reality.

The greatest philosophies and religions say that we were made in the image of the great Creator.

This growing second camp of “Forward Thinkers” focuses on the positive. Solutions are foremost in their thoughts. They shift the bad news and concentrate on fixing the problems.

The big question is: Will the second camp grow fast enough to offset the first camp within the next 20 years, a critical time in which to offset the growth rate of the problems.

Well, have you thought which camp do you belong to? Its worth pondering about! I will be posting more on this subject later this week.

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